How Long Before Garbage is Cleared Off Dining Table? (Reflection #37)(Advice)



My favorite part of the meal to look forward to. It has been my experience from working in restaurants (not as waiter) and my own personal experiences that those who work in the front of the house have very little awareness of the presence of garbage and soiled dishes (and items) in the dining room. The guests however are fully aware of such presence and remember every slight second of it. The process of service has several major steps that have to be followed and my experience has been that human mind can handle only so many things before making mistakes, forgetting or blocking information. The order is taken and placed. The drinks and appetizers begin the table and food, etc. follows. The process of keeping so many things in mind and trying to remember and carry them out forces the person (waiter only?) to choose certain things to remember well and others to give less attention and event ignore. Garbage is a big problem and is universally ignored OR not taken care in time except at best establishments. When I was a bartender, I was taught the concept of ‘customer time’ versus bartender time. What may take a short time for the bartender to carry out takes an eternity for the customers and the bar staff are not aware unless trained to do so. A rule I was taught was to count 3 seconds for customer time. Each second that takes place behind the bar is equal to 3 seconds on the customer side. Their time moves very slowly. I personally believe the same rule or a similar one applies to soiled dishes. It may seem to the wait staff that the customer is comfortable with all steps of the service and the time they take. However, one step is completely different and requires awareness on the part of the wait staff. Some service systems require not taking soiled dishes until a certain time but in general most places that provide full service dining can take soiled dishes away much sooner than thought. THE GUEST REMEMBERS AND IS FULLY AWARE OF EACH SECOND HE OR SHE SPENDS WITH A ITEM THAT BELONGS IN THE GARBAGE CAN OR DISHWASHER. When I managed floors, as a last resort (staff can be too busy) I would take an item that equals to garbage off the table myself to elimiate this AWARENESS TIME. Everytime I see soiled items or something resembling garbage in the dining room I remember this dilemma. I will include many snapshots of various dining room garbage to maintain the awareness that they exist and don’t belong on the dining table any more than needed and that the staff don’t realize how short a time that is.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.


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