Podcasting as A Means to Communicate (Short Piece 23)


I have been doing my best to restart my blog within the same guidelines as I have had for the past year. One problem I have had is my blogs have grown and developed and no longer exist as they used to. One of the major changes has been the addition of snapshots to posts and I still have over 1000 snapshots that need to be uploaded before getting to the newer ones. I expect this task to complete in the near future. I had plans to include video posts as an alternative and in that process I learned how to make podcasts. A new category on my blog links all podcasts together and I expect to have short and long podcasts in place of written paragraphs for some of my blog posts. I believe a podcast does a better job for some communication situations than a written message would. Podcasts are also quite easy to put together and upload.

I have not abandoned video clips and video blogging. I need to put together an easy and reliable system for doing video pieces as I have for written and podcast blog posts. I expect that to be ready in the near future. For the near future, I will be making random posts as I upload my many snapshots and record podcasts for appropriate blog posts. Blog posts for other blogs are slowly coming back. I have successfully switched to mobile blogging though it still takes times and requires more organization but the system is in place and works well.

I am restarting my blog post series one by one. One thing that is obvious is since my blog has many lines of thought (clear enough to require individual blogs of their own), it will take me a little while to restart all of them. I was under the impression I could just restart my blog but cannot simply because World of Cush is a combination of blog post series from several blogs. I have to restart each blog post series individually until my blog is back on track. A new problem is since I have incorporated podcasts, snapshots and video clips and video blog posts, I have four more blogs that are evolving in the mean time.

I expect all my blogs be back in order within a short period of time and World of Cush will have a new series of blog posts for 2010. This was within the original plans for 2009 and just took a while to implement. I cannot tell the future yet but the combination of blog post series I am producing at present time will probably remain the same for 2010. I made some changes to how I do my blog posts last year so they can be publishable as standalone pieces without linking or making references to specific articles. This process began late in the year but did produce about 500 pieces that are publication-worthy in print format. These blog posts will be compiled together and available as an e-book. The purpose of the e-book is to present everything available for 2009 in one volume within the original objectives of the Discovery Schlog. I expect to do this for 2010 in January of 2011. Since the process is new, I am still working on putting the material together and feel no rush in releasing the 2009 edition.

One good advantage podcasting has compared to written blog posts is the possibility to explain and elaborate on subjects that are complicated or hard-to-explain. This happened when I wrote the five-part essays on returning to the all american standards. I am still in the process of rewriting though the rewrite is complex also and I feel strongly podcasts will do a fair job of explaining all points of those essays in ways that are understandable to most people. The difference is the number of words used will be no less than three times what was needed in writing but the whole thing can be done without rewrites or redos in a short period of time and can be listened to in a short-time also. I am quite sure I will be redoing the return to all american standard essays in podcast form within the near future.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.


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