Feb 26th: Jermann Italian Tasting at Jugshop (Tasting #33)

The Wines of Jermann
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Friuli, a compact region bordering Austria and Slovenia on the Adriatic coast, has built a glowing reputation as the white wine capital of Italy. Known for the plethora of indigenous grape varietals grown there including Tocai and Ribolla, Friulli has also gained acclaim for international varietals such as Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

One Friulian wine in particular that has garnered enormous praise is Jermann’s Vintage Tunina. Gambero Rosso, the most famous Italian wine publication, named Vintage Tunina one of fifty wines that have altered the history of Italian wines. While living in Rome, our Italian wine buyer Floribeth Kennedy, discovered this amazing wine. "I love this wine. I fell in love with it 21years ago and I still love this wine today."

Dating back to 1881, Jermann’s passionate winemaking has shaped the history of white wine vinification throughout Italy. His wines have amazed wine lovers around the world with their purity and depth of flavor, intense minerality, elegance, balance, and longevity.

Come and meet Michele Jermann, son of Silvio, and taste their amazing wines.

Friday, February 26th
$10 a person
6:00pm – 8:00pm

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