Wine Cocktails (Book Review)(Podcast)

Wine Cocktails

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Wine Cocktails is a medium-sized hardcover book of recipes. Cocktail drinks have been around for a long time and everyone has had tried a few drinks that use wine as the base for mixing. Wine Cooler, wine spritzer, Champagne cocktail and the Bellini family are examples everyone has drank at some time. The cocktails listed in this book are very original and use many different ingredients but wine is not necessarily the alcohol base drink for mixing. Many of the recipes have liquor and liqueur as the actual base and wine is only a mixer. The drinks are very interesting however and worth trying at home. They can be more interesting on a commercial basis. Fancy restaurants offer signature drinks as part of their drink menus and cocktails that are not easy to mix but sell well are the norm for bartenders. Wine cocktails can bring a new group of drinks to the market that offer great taste and flavor. One element that has value is wine cocktails can also increase the need for basic American wine consumption in the times that wine sales are low. Wine industry owes it to themselves to sponsor events and provide support for adoption of wine cocktails as part of ordinary bar menus. This will increase the need for basic wines and help with the oversupply. This will also give wine more exposure as part of the cocktail culture.

Cocktails themselves were once invented to help sell basic liquors and that is one reason why so many kinds exist using so many different ingredients. There has been an oversupply of liquors (vodka, gin and so on) for as long as hard liquor has been manufactured. The creation of new brands and new ways to drink the liquor has been one solution. Wine works the same way and suffers an oversupply which can be addressed by creating new ways to consume. Drink cocktails are an established part of the culture and wine can benefit in the long run by offering more wine cocktail options universally.

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