The Making of Ronin (Case Study Ronin #3)


I spent the past couple of months more or less doing what Ronin training demands. The results have been partly not what I expected and also closer to being done with such training. Ronin training is a training program designed for optimum performance regardless of the odds. The business environment can be too difficult to handle and the obstacles can be too difficult and unusual. The training program seeks to prepare a business person to handle such problems successfully. My retail opportunity has served as the training ground for Ronin training and appeared unnecessary from the start. My past training in management had prepared me in part for handling the kind of obstacles and problems the Ronin training seeks to prepare for. The question was what is left out that I still have to learn. The management training lacks one form of activity that Ronin training utilizes. Ronin is a wanderer and moves from place to place too frequently. This results in special abilities that normal warriors lacked. People get used to a location and what goes on. The brain can repeat many things over and over again and basically block them out. If the experience is too new, the person needs time and makes mistakes until everything can be handled. This is true in most cases and repeats itself everytime there is a new situation.

Ronin has been through such experiences so many times that has developed special abilities to deal with them and can handle the level of stress and confusion that is the normal byproduct of such experiences. An average person needs a good deal of time to figure things out and can have a very hard time dealing with the stress. Management training does not necessarily incorporate such diverse activities and the question has been for me to what extent can I handle new situations and stress as a trained Ronin would. New business activity brings the person into many unusual situations with difficult and diverse problems and obstacles. The business person has to deal with the situations but also has to be able to handle the stress levels. The Ronin training accomplishes this by changing locations for the business setup too often thus creating new situations and new stress levels until everything becomes normal.

I can tell from the limited changes I have made in my business situations that I can learn a few things but not much takes place. One good thing that I had not noticed before is when the business setting changes and the duration is short, I noticed I focus on the activities for that duration. It is no longer important to get to know the people and take the time to learn things and remember and so on. It is also not possible to take it easy and work in robot mode. I have to figure out my objectives for that duration which is what do I measure or accomplish by the time I move on to the next business situation. I also had much less interest in not business activities available. It is like working on a clock and each hour brings me closer to the end of the business activity. What is really important is what I am expected to finish, or accomplish and that is that. All the other stuff will have no value at that point and since this business situation is a temporary one, I would not have to worry about what I could have done to improve things for next time. That is one I learned from changing business situations. I also learned that I have learned to manage high levels of stress and confusion through my management training and experiences and Ronin hardly serves the purpose in that area.

The other thing I was told is I do not need Ronin training because Ronin training is designed to help a business person learn to follow a path regardless of the obstacles and the problems. These problems can be overwhelming for non-trained people. I had situations come up recently that when evaluated through the Ronin training program proved I can not only pursue my objectives to accomplish my business goals but also when my path was destroyed I was able to switch to another path. That is beyond Ronin training and proves Ronin training was not really the level of training I need.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.


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