Edition Twenty Six 19 December 2009 to 7 February 2010 (Wine by Cush)


Edition 26 marks the first since last year. 2010 is the year for Wine by Cush. This blog has been the hands-on blog for my career and has provided more than a few pointers for people in the industry. It has also been long awaiting to take off and provide more. Wine blogs in general, by industry standards, are nothing but crap (in most cases) and that is the first problem this blog has had. There is not a welcoming reception for wine blogs in food and wine industry because they offer so little. Just read through the more prominent ones for a couple of weeks. Waste of time is an understatement. I have been fighting this general problem and doing my best to actually contribute something to the field. That will be taken one step further in 2010 since I think I will be able to make a commitment to attending events and tastings. There is plenty out there that is worth exploring and sharing but each activity that I commit to requires a few hours more of my time on a regular basis each week thus I have been hesitant to overload myself. I think time has come to do this and that should help provide a few more things for those in this field. I am sure I will have more good things to say than bad things. The sidebar to this blog also shows my willingness to attend events and tastings (pre-events and pre-tastings preferred) and hopefully will find something to share. My schedule is not that flexible and will continue to remain such. I prefer to go over what is offerred in events and tastings at some prior time and date. That will help the event also and increases the chances that I can actually attend more events.

This edition has a few posts from Farmer’s Market and a couple of restaurant – related posts. I did attend Fancy Food and they had done a great job though the event was not designed to accomodate neither food professionals nor journalists (including citizen journalists) the best way possible. It was just an industry event. I made some suggestions in my post and such events can have not only more visitors but local professionals who have limited time but fall close to the business of the events will look forward to EFFECTIVE visits if better accomodations are made. I really like a map that lets me pick my choice booths and guide me through the maze in a SHORT TIME. The staff of local papers and the like are PAID by their jobs to (as someone succinctly put it for me:) talk and eat. They have time to make a day of such events and eat their hearts out and socialize. Industry people who actually DO things have limited time for such events. I think organizers should figure out ways to accomodate their visits and they will visit them on a regular basis. My suggestion is one way and the industry has resources to figure out how to do it better. Fancy Food has been around for 30 years but times have changed. Local journalists are on the way out (though they are all in denial) and serious professionals will fill all positions in the future. They should be accomodated better starting today.

I expect to attend more events and hopefully I am not the only one and the industry will follow as a trend. ZAP people would not give me a press pass so I did not go. I doubt if they feared I have anything bad to say (though California wine is out of favor for many years to come and they know that) but probably did not like me asking for a press pass to make a quick trip through their tasting. I can do some tastings in 15 mintues. You can spend your time in trade tasting finding good wines to buy (for your establishment) just to find out how many of them have no importers. I can go through such events in a short time since there is little to buy anyway. ZAP is a half-an-hour to 40 minute visit at its best judging from past visits and they have more to lose by not letting media in than gain.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.


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