Verizon May Carry iPhone (Short Piece #22)


I found the headline interesting because AT&T, which is the worst mobile phone company in America, (this is not the place for the reasons) is supposed to be the one carrying it. I never care much for new technology for many reasons. I remember when Motorola released its V6 tiny cellphone years ago. I was the first to buy it and it was $600 which was reduced to $400 for the contract. The phone was great and worked great but was it really worth it?

iPhone is an American product. That usually means several things. First of all, technology is years behind other countries. That has been the American tradition and the reasons are not bad. The government and military used many advanced technologies that were available to public in other countries and our public level had to be kept behind for obvious dangers. When the Cold War ended, an immense push was made to get rid of defunct agencies such as CIA which cost a fortune and served no purpose. Many government agencies have duplicate purposes. NSA is a huge agency that people hardly hear of and do the job people think CIA bad boys do. They run and protect the country. CIA was created not for the reasons we are officially told but because people high in government and many generals in the military needed an established agency that could do what military and other government agencies legally could not do. That is the history of CIA (Criminals In Action). When the Cold War Ended, the push was to close CIA down, the first effort was called reform by sending a Harvard guy to run the agency. CIA staff joked everyone looks around when he gave speeches for any trap doors they may fall through. That was the spirit of reform which never happened but CIA did start a huge public relation campaign and everyone knows every kid in America is being programmed to become a spy. The glorious life of spies saving the world. CIA survived by providing many technologies that were property of government to the Special Interest. The multi-national corporations could make trillions from US-government technology and in return CIA was allowed to stay open. GPS, Internet and so on were some of those technologies. The public now feels and thinks the public owns these technologies. The Special Interest stole them from US government and owns them.

iPhone is an American product. Japanese refused iPhone outright. I read at the time iPhone was the thing in US, it was given away for free in Japan and people would not take it. The technology in the cell phones was very advanced there. How is it that it fits the American life so well? Americans use technology different than other countries. The lifestyle dictates basic use of many technologies. The level of skill is low and people are used to that. Everything is made for the mass market and the dumbest and the least capable person needs to be able to use that technology or it will fail in a mass market. That means ease of use and also limited use. How many people read the owner manual of a product? The percentage has increased but it defeats the purpose of owning the product. Most people do not have time to master gadgets and will avoid if complicated. The technology has stayed simple and some companies make products that fit American lifestyle but are not simple. iPhone and its sister products do not have a huge learning curve but are advanced enough to allow comprehensive use.

Cellphones are purchased for two purposes (or at least designed for): One is for making of calls and the other is as a management tool for static and dynamic information. Smartphones are the ultimate in managing information at pocket-size. iPhone adapts the idea to the specific needs of an average American. Americans do not use products. They handle them. The features can be hundreds in number and function but 90% of users only use 3 or 4 of them ever. They still pay the price to buy the advanced device even though only a handful of features are used. The typical user in another country will not use technology at such basic levels. iPhone is an interesting product not because it is popular but because it succeeds at adapting to the majority of users and too many of the features can be used by most American users. Verizon is a good carrier and I was their customer for almost a decade. iPhone on Verizon makes a very tempting combination. iPhone on AT&T is an oxymoron. iPhone is a personal and friendly (democratic) product. AT&T is an arrogant, condescending and impersonal giant corporation. The cultures do not match. Verizon understand business culture (I don’t know about general public and how they measure good cell service) and I had not problem over a lifetime of Verizon use. That is what iPhone was made for in my view: A person who uses the product as a basic tool (passively) but in the end-result benefits from many advanced features. That product in a proper service environment (Verizon) makes a great business tool. I will learn more about this matter in the near future.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.


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