Edition Notes For the Beginning of 2010 (For All Blogs)


I will resume normal blog posts next week. The structure of the blog will be as before but since my schedule has been getting busier and busier I will do the essentials first. The posts in the order of least significance are: The weekend editions will appear on Sat and/or Sun, the book reviews or mentions will appear daily, at least one mylife post on weekdays, at least one photo review on weekdays, and the wineby and the writingby posts. The last two blogs have their own posts and I have posted the most number of posts of reflections, short pieces and essays in that order. I have been told short pieces (which are short essays) are more useful than reflections. The only significant change will be the bias toward writing more short pieces at the cost of reflections.

In short, my blog will publish daily Monday through Friday and each day will have at least one book review, one photo review, one mylife piece, one short piece for wineby, one short piece for writingby and at least one reflection post. Essays require more time to write and will appear as possible. I hope to bring the number of blog posts back to normal but my busy schedule will probably be a challenge for this objective. The weekend edition will make up by contributing on Sat and Sun. The short pieces carry far more thought value than the reflections and I see this change in favor of the basic objective of the blog in the long run. The writing of two short pieces, on the average per day, equals half-a-dozen regular posts. I look forward to continuing my blog editions. I will also write several short pieces to recap the progress of each thread and series of blog posts. Some of the objectives set in 2009 have been achieved and some are in progress. I will discuss the details in January posts.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Writing by Cush blog and published early in World of Cush also.


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