Edition Twenty Five 14 To 18 December 2009 (Wine by Cush)


Edition 25 followed a slightly different approach. Since my schedule was a mess, I had to adjust things for my blogs. The sequels to Ronin and Great Retail Store case studies were due in the previous edition and I had to put them out first which took some of my time. Large posts take time and brain power to write and delay the rest of the work. Edition 25 begins with Ronin and I think enough information is provided so that anyone can understand the thinking behind the training of Ronin. The making of stores case study provides some very useful and fundamental insights by comparing two retail stores. The information is applicable to restaurants also and the next part of this case study (though hypothetical) looks at a very big problem within both retail and restaurants. And heavy drinking is great for your health AGAIN. A recent study has found the answer and will be overturned in the next study. Andy why do San Francisco restaurants fail to stay in business or reach their true potentials? Primer articles are not abundant any more. And who is afraid of success? Everyone. The society wants us to be limited in how we live and experience life so some measure of control is applicable to our lives. Socialization determines this to a great extent and we find small or big success within the world of our own limited experiences. Some are not content and seek to find more success which would make them reach beyond the boundaries of this world of experience. Is that frightening? I think we are socialized to be afraid and stay where we are and society wants us.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.


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