Wine Service Notes (reflection #35)


I read an article on 10 points about proper serving of wine. I read it and thought I learned absolutely nothing and that is the point. These articles are written for people who have interest but not skill or experience and enjoy learning the absolute basics or a little above. What was of interest to me is that publications are usually flooded with such lists of so many points, how-to and so on. Today that has changed. I still do see them everywhere but not as much as before and that is an interesting thing to note. The economy has affected the interests of the public in many things and writing short primers does not mark the point for the reader as it does in a good economy. Superficial sells well in a good economy and the opposite in a poor economy. Today, people still function and shop as before but do not feel as they would in an abundant economy. A worry-free attitude toward shopping and spending money justified the publication of many little or long articles on how to do and experience different things especially if one has no clue. That spirit has not vanished but is under control. A short article on how to taste wine will not be received as strongly today as it would in a strong economy. The topic simply does not make sense today because a tight economy means thinking and spending on what is strongly needed or wanted. Casual spending is not an easy thing to understand and why read on how to do it. Passive activities are not popular today because worries determine many decisions. I thought the reading of that article was interesting to me TODAY though it was not interesting at all to read it a year ago!

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.


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