Heavy Drinking is Great for Your Health (reflection #34)


I read another great article today. I think the idea of alcohol being beneficial or harmful to one’s health has been under discussion for a long time. What has become a new trend is whether or not heavy drinking brings the desired health benefits or moderate drinking. The research I read about today claims heavy drinking ( a whole bottle of wine daily ) is most beneficial for one’s health compared to moderate drinking. Popular culture claims heavy drinking is a bad idea for the damage it does to the body and this article does not deny that. What is interesting for me is that at least two to three times a year a new research comes out that claims the opposite end of the spectrum on this idea. I have become bored and irritated with every new research that is published. What bothers me more is I did go to graduate school and know a little more than most people about qualitative and quantitative research. Research says something is or is not may carry a great deal of weight for the public but has very little credibility with me. I am starting to be curious if such research may be doctored or receive some help behind the screen. They are interesting because they are controversial but how credible they are is questionable. I am beginning to have more and more details by reading the results of each research and things make less and less sense. I have to admit I like to have such detailed (results of each research) to bring up making me look smart but I am not sure which one is worth believing in the real world. For now, drinking very heavily is very good for your health but I don’t think anyone should follow this advice because the next research publication will probably say even little drinking is harmful for your health.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.


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