Edition Twenty Four 7 December to 11 December 2009 (Wine by Cush)


Edition 24 follows the format of the previous edition and has a few posts. One advantage of a busy schedule is much gets done and my schedule has gone that way. I have always liked the saying “If you something done, give it to the busy person.” The busy person has developed the skills to get more done in short time compared to others. Now, that I am getting busier and busier I will be following local tastings and a few good things can be found in there.

Last week almost had a great thing happening. An effective arena is needed to recognize the better food and one writers and I thought I had found one. The trouble is as always anything useful is pushed into all kinds of use. City of San Francisco has been trying to get rid of the criminal mayor Gavin Newsom for sometime and at the same time pretending nothing is wrong with him or the city. On a smaller scale, the food and wine community has been doing its best to rid itself of the butcher turned food writer Michael Bauer. Most attempts have failed because the dying San Francisco Chronicle has to stand by all its staff to slow its demise. If only one of them falls, the whole paper will fall which appears imminent. I believe numerical ratings of reviewers by the public and others will help identify the talent and the contributors. Many great food and wine writers do not get the recognition they deserve and the public fails to benefit from their works because some lesser able person, such as Michael Bauer, is promoted and supported by the big establishment. Independent numerical ratings let the public find and promote the food writers of their liking without the big establishment having a say in the process. Yelp is a terrible place for many reviewings but can be a place to start. Michael Bauer made it to Yelp last week and as bad reviews started to post, the shillings also followed. A day after, he pulled a whole blog post insinuating those unhappy should go to the cause rather than write on Yelp. Yelp erased the review posts on Bauer that day which is what Yelp is about. Another turn in Bauer story and another victory for the dying San Francisco Chronicle. They get to attack everyone but God forbid someone (the public?) get to talk back at them. Does yellow journalism still exist? I really wonder. The point of the whole idea was if blogs or other work were rated somewhere by public, the better people would be recognized and we could avoid those forced upon us as THE writers, editors and reviewers. Unfortunately, a greater demand existed to use the approach to expose and RATE Bauer than find and promote good writers. I think Yelp should rate blogs and other writings by a professional as does restaurants. I remember more than a year ago I pointed out to someone about bad ratings on Yelp about this restaruant. That person told me that according to a top editor (someone named Michael Bauer in San Francisco) Yelp has NO CREDABILITY so nothing to worry about. I told him tens of thousands of people read Yelp before shopping and even if its credability is zero the market follows it pointers and Bauer can say all it wants. If not Yelp, another easy public should exist so the better folk can be recognized which will by nature push the garbage out the door.

I have always hated voice mail. Google Voice may save us from listening and the time wasted on voice mails. Google Voice may be a joke today but has potential and I saw PC magazine ranking it very high on its top 100 list for 2009. Let’s follow its development and maybe we are saved from Voice mail soon.

Twitter won’t fix my user name but can sign me up as a previledged Beta retweet whatever. I wish they would fix my user name.

Do not be surprised if the holiday season around Thanksgiving and Christmas extend to become weeklong and non-religious. What was that saying? “You cannot get all the people all the time?” I think you can. If they won’t sink in debt in one day, why not expand it into several days and get the job done.

And wine bloggers hate each other. That is the truth though again people won’t admit it. Why? They write the worst crap you ever read and think they are so great.

New York Department of Health has found that scientific rules do apply to restaurants. That would never work in San Francisco. San Francisco is so great that politics overrides science. What science holds as truth does not apply in San Francisco and tradition, convention or city rules beautifully override laws of science. What a great San Francisco is.

Watch for Starbucks. They are out to get you again. They call themselves Roy now.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.


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