Roy Street Coffee Wants You (Reflection #33)


Starbucks has started a new business of Roy Street Coffee. Is that something bad? Why is it that anyone who finds out about Roy Street Coffee will make a big deal that Starbucks is the quiet owner behind Roy? I don’t think many people like Starbucks. It may have a very clean image with no problems that will socially echo but a certain degree of resentment against Starbucks has always existed. For one thing, Starbucks is everywhere and people are conscious of that. Too many locations of a chain anything feel as if something is wrong. Somebody must be doing something wrong to the consumers and they cannot stop it while that somebody is getting richer and richer thus more and more locations. That is the implied perception of corporate America being present in too many places. I never really understood this until I made a turn on a side street in San Francisco financial district and happened to notice a small Starbucks. It was the size of a closet sticking out of the wall but had almost full services and one employee. They could not fit more in there. Why a little space like that when one can find a Starbucks in any direction? I don’t care for the official answers but the action itself is very aggressive to plant a tiny closet-size mini-Starbucks amidst so many full-size Starbucks. I think that is the spirit of corporate service for the American consumer. They know very well what is important and how to take care of it and if asked, they can tell you how they are providing a great service for you and at your convenience. Roy may or may not do well, as other Starbucks ventures have in the past, but is a good way to freshen up the corporate image of too many in too many places.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.

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