New York Cracks Down on Pizza (Reflection #32)


I read NY Department of Health wants pizza not served off the display because of the cheese reheating issue. I thought that was interesting because at least 1/3 of pizza places I have ever come across in my life have some kind of setup for pizza by slice that keeps the pizza dormant for sometime. I never thought of its health hazards because it is not my choice food but have to comment pizza that stays in a display loses many things besides its appearance. A big city should have strict regulation because of the population and any little thing that goes wrong can effect too many people. I wonder how many people get food poisoning and sick because of eating out in San Francisco everyday? I have my own diet which works great because I never get sick, tired or weak. Any food that has processed anything in it qualifies as fake food for me and eating that will mean a false satisfaction because the body recognizes lack of nutrients and I need more food in a short time. I am not for a vegetarian diet because I don’t know enough to promote it but I eat more beans than meat and my body appreciates that. Eating out can have many hazards and what is done about that depends on how the system thinks of the typical eater and the philosophy of eating out. NY draws the line at what is healthy. SF is not exactly like that. SF considers restaurants as a class of businesses that know what they are doing and they are not treated based on science of principle but rather how long they have been in business and who owns them. Science is very political in San Francisco and department of Health can be very understanding. I don’t know how that is nationwide and that is someone else’s area based on some research but SF will never rank in any area if judgment is to be objective. Food policy in SF has much to do with who says what and who is who.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.


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