Why Do Wine Bloggers Hate Each Other? (short piece #21)


I read a very interesting blog post about wine blogging and I agree with the author is all the stuff he said and think I can answer his question on a limited scale. Why do wine bloggers do not like each other and won’t cooperate? I think there are many answers to the question and one from my own experiences with other wine people is wine people are very opinionated. They feel very strong about whatever it is they are interested and talk about and are not only passionate but hostile toward other people who do not follow their opinion. Wine people are very big on ‘knowing’ things. They know ( though cannot get others to agree with the opinion) too many things about too many wine things to be true and that is the way life is. One cannot tell them they are wrong. That just does not exist.

Everything about wine is personal and subjective to most wine people. Many are in this business for money and likewise have shallow knowledge and understanding. They can be spoken to because they are interested in finding more agreeable partners to support their beliefs. The more successful wine blogs operate from this angle sometimes. They know who wants them to write what and what reads what. This is a great standard to write for and be read. They are still probably very opinionated and think they have the final say in their arguments or what they state. The rest of wine bloggers, except for the wine note writers, think they are authorities and just because they can type and have some knowledge of wine their version of things will go far. Experience has taught such people they will face objection in seeing the world according to their personal judgments. If they don’t blog for money or fame, they blog because they are ‘big’ and they know it. That is most likely true in one’ head but basically let’s them operate.

And it is no secret that wine blogging does not contribute much to the field. Wine professionals don’t see wine blogging as a serious professional activity with legitimate consequences. Wine bloggers are out there doing what they do. The real world operates based on different principles. Just for the sake of argument, I see myself as one of the later group. I hate to say I have to operate in a vacuum but wine is a very subjective topic and is easy to talk about but writing seriously that can actually have affect in the real wine world does not attract other wine people to join in and contribute. That may change in time as the market changes and new generations of wine folk appear but today wine is not an intellectual topic and is a routine subject if one is to explore it in writing. Wine bloggers are profiteers (I wish them luck), opinionmongers, and self-proclaimed authorities (that is me out of the necessity since nobody cares to see wine as a serious intellectual topic). No wonder many believe wine blogging is dead already. That is the strongest opinion (that is universally agreed) I have heard recently about wine blogging.

I am familiar with many types of people who are involved in the wine business and frankly the majority of them are too involved in what they do to care or have time to write wine blogs. The people who write are more of writers than wine professionals. Anyone who gets exposed to wine and has some experience can talk as an authority in one’s area of interest. The subject is open to personal judgment by nature and will be difficult to question the authority. When I worked in restaurants I used to play a game with staff and I called ‘wine quiz.’ The objective was to test the knowledge of the staff on wine and other beverages. Nobody played this game more than once. I renamed it to ‘wine torture.’ The problem is they are big in their own mind by having some experience with wine and think they know a lot but once faced with simple wine questions, they realize how wrong they can be. Such is the story of wine bloggers and no wonder they don’t like interaction with their peers!!!

Source for article: http://goodgrape.com/index.php/articles/comments/whats_up_with_wine_bloggers/

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.

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