How about Transcribing that Voice Mail (Reflection #29)


I read a nice piece about managing voice mails by transcribing them. I could not agree more. The author made fun of Google Voice for its shortcomings when transcribing and recommends paid services which only businesses would care to use for a mundane task of receiving a voice mail but the idea holds good value. I personally absolutely despise voice mails and what is even more I hate telephones and telephone calls. They just take too long. Americans speak much slower than the British and spoken language moves much slower than the speed of reading (by my pace otherwise it is the opposite) and the mind thinks much faster than both. This phenomenon of hating phone calls and voice mails may have its roots in my bartending days when I was subjected to thousands of repetitions of boring day to day event stories till I was maxed. The same kind of things go into voice mails and phone calls. I am thinking of including in my voice mail that I prefer text messages if I know the person. If not, then a verbal message may make more sense but for routine stuff, a text message should do the job much better. I can handle three to five voice mails daily before feeling my whole day is being wasted but a hundred text messages would not bother me. I think the trend is in that direction and for business purposes a written message will carry the message and information without all the slow addons. Voice mail has always been a problem.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.


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