Why Don’t Yelpers Rate Food and Wine Blogs on Yelp? (Reflection #27)


I have noticed Yelpers (also known as people) rate everything and anything on Yelp. Some of the stuff make much sense and other ones less but I think the defective rating system can be put to good use. Too many people are victims of the domineering critics and have to fight back by writing rarely-read comments on blog posts. Yesterday, I read a relevant blog post on a local food blog. Today’s blog post made me dizzy and I asked myself as I read what is the point? why don’t you make your point? Somebody had suggested to me once that blog posts ought to be open to being rated by those who read or at least those who comment. They know how to assign 1 to 5 stars to a post the same way people (Yelpers) rate things viciously on sites such as Yelp. Why not start an entry on Yelp for a famous blog and let people write comments there? I wonder. Personally, I wouldn’t care what people say about my blog but I am sure a few people can vent.

My comment on a famous food blog today

I have seen people rate everything from bridges to the view of a location on Yelp. How come nobody has started an entry for Michael Bauer’s blog so people can write own reviews there? I think the real reason is the same people will go back and write new comments and rate the blog low. I checked and could not find it there….I bet $5 somebody will start it soon. Talk about taste of your own medicine

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.


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