And What Became of Communal Tables? (Reflection #26)


It was not too long ago that communal tables were all the rage. Articles were written about them and restaurants were mentioned just by offering a communal table. The idea seemed so hot and new though is nothing new. Whatever became of it? I assume everyone who offered a communal table still does but nobody is excited about the idea anymore. Was it serving a legitimate need or was it just a fad? The rise of the communal table was very exciting as a place to not only eat but also to mingle and meet people. That was the push behind the fame. Everybody was cool and wanted to meet other cool people. The communal table was the perfect vehicle for this contact. How about privacy? I am assuming though I may be wrong that a few of the people who sat at communal tables were given no other choice by the restaurant. It seems like such a great way to handle overflow without giving spotless service in the chaos of a shared platform. The rule for distance for fine dining seating is at least 36 inches not because someone picked the number but because that is how we are raised in this culture. It is one thing to meet new cool people but another to be within 12 inches of total strangers one may not like. I lack the field experience to comment on the flexibility of communal table concept but am very curious what became of this hot idea?

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.


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