And Twitter Finally Makes It (Reflection #25)


I read a very interesting article that shows Twitter finally has made it. It was the CEO of Twitter who once said if the media would leave them alone they will make it big. I did and I am not even the media. I think they have finally made it big. The study says 48% of people who received marketing tweets actually do searches for the products compared to 34% on other social media and that 20% of all tweet worldwide are invitations for products. Twitter had always had the design of a great broadcast platform. A marketer can reach many and many target potentials very easily and be very EFFECTIVE. The problem is labeling Twitter a broadcast platform will result in less people wanting to use this fun conversation tool. Twitter has been around long enough so enough believers exist of how no conversation exists via Twitter if percentages actually matter. For all practical purposes, Twitter users broadcast their tweets onto the followers and the Twitter universe. That is that. Twitter is finally getting recognition for how great a tool this is and it should not be long before they admit the conversation part is a great story. I wonder what the celebration for the success of Twitter will be but do know since Twitter finally has a definable purpose and function, the competition will duplicate it. That actually can be good because Twitter will have to operate as a normal company with customers to stay afloat. Competition does a lot of good for the users also.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.

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