When Will Giant Beer Bottles Enter Our Celebrations? (Reflection #22)


I read a funny article about a British restaurant which is stuck with the last of three 12 liter bottle of beers that sell for 700lbs. The owner claims the first two bottles sold easily but the last one will not move. That reminds me of a 6 liter bottle of Chateau DeCam (spelling? yes you are right. my wifi is not working now.) that we had for sale at $6000 at one restaurant I worked at. That bottle finally disappeared after one and half years and I never noticed its absence till I ran into the person who had drank it for his wedding party. The very large bottles were originally designed for celebrations or ageing of the beverage. Wine does age better in magnums than it does in 750ml bottles and that is a fact. The bottles can get bigger but the reason is more of an occasion to open the bottle than intrinsic value. Champagne bottles espcially are known to get bigger and bigger but even those are not real bottles. A huge bottle is filled by opening small bottles and made specifically for an occasion. This covers most of the history of larger beverage bottles. Why make beer in huge bottles? I have never thought about it. Americans drink beer as the primary beverage but that is mindless drinking. The most generic product is drank the most. Quality and variety are new concepts for the overall population. Larger size beer bottles are becoming popular mostly because of the popularity of imports that already can arrive in larger size bottles. I have never seen a real life huge beer bottle locally. Is there room in American dining and celebration for huge beer bottles? Will they serve a purpose as giant sweet, dry and sparkling wines do in celebrations? I don’t know but suspect they may become marketable at some point because the beer market has been changing and consumers are willing to pay extra for unique beer that is high in quality. Can the giant beer bottles find a place in birthdays, keg parties and other celebrations?

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.


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