Has the Time Arrived to Help Wine in Box Make It at Home? (short piece #12)


Hardy’s of Australia makes a blend of Cab/Shiraz and a Chardonnay box wine for home drinking. That has happened in the past and has worked for the kitchen wine but the home use has not been as much popular. The box wine has many advantages including the inability of oxygen to ruin the wine. The Hardy model stands up straight in the photo but if lies sideways, it can fit in the fridge. The bulk of wine that is drank worldwide is not of the highest quality and characteristics. Basic and ordinary wine is what the world drinks. Wine is a beverage and a kind of food. The high dollar that Americans pay for wine made wine a luxury item outside of tourist or wealthy circles. Ordinary wine does the job anyday.

Hardy is not the only company that does its best to sell the overproduced product of so many regions in ways that make sense. People visit basic stores everyday and buy millions of gallons of cheapest booze and wine everyday in America. All drugstores and grocery stores carry a different booze and wine items at very steep discounts each week. The items revolve and the quality is not the main issue. The majority of those who drink wine, drink it as food. Whatever is the cheapest qualifies to accompany the meal or by the glass. The glass container is not a friend to the wine industry anymore. The green box that keeps oxygen out can help sell ordinary wines because the taste will not change for many days.

I think some means of delivering the heavy boxes to households will make the good quality wine-in-box a choice for the households. And decanter finally has a chance to become a household item. I love decanters myself and can tell you hours of talk of why and how decanters are what wine experience is about. Bottle has never interested me and I love to see it disappear except for ageing purposes. If the boxes are delivered for free, many people will opt to drink better wine that costs little instead of cheap wine jars. I would put a big sticker on the home box that says two glasses each day are great for health and stop after that. That will be a positive reminder of good versus abuse of alcohol. I think everyone is wine business should purchase the various wine in box that appear to experience them even if they get tossed out or end up used for cooking to help develop this market sector. Wine in box will neatly wipe all excess production away from sight and deliver them to people who drink terrible wines that are slowly being oxidized. We should help them.

The new packaging is slowly developing. It can take ten years before wine in box becomes what it can be next month because people are slow to change. Wine bottle has been here forever and wine drinkers have to be converted one by one. Everyone has such strong feelings about everything relating to wine from cork type, the bottle shape, to region and the varietal. We have to make an extra effort to take the stigma away from the wine in box making it appropriate for household use while watching very closely so the wine is not abused by being ever-present. My doctor (he is a sausagemonger for the sake of world food) thinks I can have two sausages everyday and that works great for my body if and only if they are consumed for breakfast. The body digests food differently after 8 hours of sleep and the same sausage that can kill me will serve as great nutrition delivery device. The problem is sausages taste good and I will end up eating them at non-breakfast times. My solution has been to first of all eat only one and not two until I have convinced myself I am actually benefiting from this versus the possible harm and two I freeze the sausages. This way they don’t taste good when eaten and I would not think of eating them during the day. I slice and eat for breakfast telling myself it is really medicine and frozen taste has nothing to do with it. As long as it goes in my body, the body appreciates the spices and so on. It helps to be lazy and avoid the sausage at other times simply because it is frozen for the moment.

The same can be done for wine. Wine can be drank at so many points during the day if not oxidized and is great for health and can be managed so is not abused and the overproduction always has a positive market in the households and businesses by help of the wine in the box. People should be taught how to drink good wine that comes in plenty and now is a good time to worry about the future overproduction.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.

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