Are Beverage Ratings An Illusion? (Reflection #23)


The game never stops. They started it again by bashing the wine and beverage ratings. First, it was Robert Parker who was THE problem and now is the rating itself again. The beverage ratings are not an absolute system. They are not supposed to be perfect and scientifically accurate. They represent one way of rating wines and beverages so the consumers have some way of comparing quality and price. The wine industry is no different than most industries. It will cheat, lie and steal every time they can. They do not need an excuse but do need an opportunity. The retail shopping system has too many flaws and will never work even well not to mention perfect. Anything that gets in the way of selling products and puts some limit is better gone than kept in place. Ratings are used to evaluate anything that comes in high numbers and takes time and skill to evaluate. Most people who have to make decisions do not have the time to evaluate things very closely and go by some system. Morningstar rates mutal funds and so do many others. Schwab rates stocks and more as many others do. Robert Parker rates wines and so do many others. The rating systems are not supposed to even work well. They are a subjective way of comparing factors against a set of standards to HELP in making decisions. The consumer has to make decisions and will make mistakes without a doubt unless objective systems, such the better rating systems, are in place. The wine industry knows this and once the ratings are removed or turned into useless systems, such as Wine Enthusiast ratings, the industry will be happy. The ratings are not flexible to allow selling of junk easily.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.


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