Will Anderson Really Spend 20 Years in Wine Prison? (Reflection #19)


It is finally over and 6 million bottles of wine are gone forever. Mr. Anderson will go to jail but for how long? He is supposed to stay for 20 years but will he for a simple crime of arson? I really don’t know. The damage is huge and I am sure many were paid by insurance companies so they moved on but much irreplaceable wine has been destroyed and money won’t buy them. I think this warehouse system worked very much like the wine industry does. The system is very simple and has too many loopholes and can fail at any time and nobody really cares because that is the STANDARD they are used to. The warehouse fire could have been prevented or handled in so many ways if the managing of the warehouse was done differently. The usual steps taken to handle industry operations are not always the best but nobody cares because we think in short term. As long as things work out for a short period of time and we make our money then the system is good. Nobody worries about the long term possibilities. The wine industry operates very similar to this warehouse. People liked the industry because it was simple and brought a great deal of money and so on. That was great for a short term view of a few years. If the industry had long term outlook, they would have made plans in case things go wrong, such as the economy tanking and action could be taken. The industry thought the same way both in the case of the warehouse and the wine business. The operation of the industry is so simple that many things can go wrong and nobody has any good plans to deal with them because we are obsessed with short term activities.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.


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