Is Mobile Food Finally Happening? (Reflection #20)


Last week food carts were active in San Francisco. A food cart is no longer a tiny cart and includes food trucks or whatever can be a mobile food outlet. They are finally beginning to happen not as food outlets but as culinary events. Mobile food has the potential to bring good food of similar quality and signature flavors of the better restaurants to locations where something popular is taking place. The assembling of mobile food units can create a great culinary event and they can go where the people are. The restaurants are not comfortable with food carting and will be outraged once they become a hotter trend. San Francisco restaurants operate as a unified racket in some ways by the kind of foods they offer and the prices. Their survival depends on maintaining the accepted dining traditions. The better places will always survive and do well but the bulk of ‘restaurants’ are made for casual patrons with little sense of food or drink and the overflow of the city on weekends and local events. They really don’t offer much in a culinary sense. Mobile food does. Mobile food has to compete with everyone including other mobile food. They can move around and be more competitive but also have to do good food to get repeat business. The strength of mobile food lies in a large number of vendors. If one can always find new vendors to try or shop multiple great food vendors in one visit, the assembly location of mobile food becomes a temporary destination and San Francisco has plenty of events to support their existence and offerings.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.


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