Do Food Labels Lie? (Reflection #21)


Lying on food labels is becoming a subject of interest for the mass media. The fact is they have always been lying to some extent and the question is how much? Measuring the quantity of ingredients and nutrients is expensive but is done for the mandatory labels. The comments on the packaging are not as regulated and can include much false information. I was once perusing the shelves at an East Asian restaurant and found cans of a curious fruit called ‘Jack Fruit.’ I had never heard of it but what interested me more was the protein per serving was 6 or 7 grams for each serving. That is extremely high for a fruit. I found other cans of the same fruit next to it and the protein was .5 grams per serving which made more sense. I never figured it out but assume the higher label was wrong. That is a possibility in the real world but the actual label of information can be a big issue. How many people believe the manufacturer will lie on the label to sell the product versus the competition? Everyone who shops in America. That is nothing new. Lying and misinforming in advertisements are the norm for American businesses. An organized effort to check up on them and keep track of their violations is not new but a new level of response. The media obviously does not have much to cover and this topic has moved up the ranks again. I hope it stays up there and remains subject to questions. It occurred to me once that blogs are great for keeping track of such routine incidents. If a blog existed to keep track of all reported incidents of racism reported, that would raise the level of awareness by public. If a blog existed to keep track of what lies have appeared in advertising packages today, that would increase the level of awareness by public. The public build awareness and defensive response in the presence of the situation. If the media does not cover the situations often and properly, most people will not know and have no defenses built against them. I think time has come for some smart use of the blogging platform to raise public awareness for issues that never leave us.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.


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