I Hear Wine Blogging is Finally Dead! (Reflection #15)


I read a long and very hard-to-read blog post about the changes in wine blogging. I hate many blog posts I read because they are written poorly or the person did not care to write clearly for some reason. I myself can be in the latter group and my excuse is what I write should have thought value and nothing else. Do I disrespect some of those who read my blog by writing vague? I will never know. That is the business of my subconscious mind and I don’t know what it exactly thinks. I do know it is more important to write what I write than worry about what the reader thinks. Is that wine writing? I think so. What is wine writing online? Most of the blogs I read fall into some standard category. Eliminating those who desire great income someday by their blog posts, the rest are forced writers in my many readings. Most wine blogs are a mandate to post a set number of blog posts in regular intervals. Is the information of any value? I don’t know. I am sure they were not written for me. I may be wrong but the majority of what I read online and in wine blogs is of the bogglers’ opinion than the expertise. I am sure many of the writers lack expertise though are involved in wine writing. I am not surprised that some say wine logging does not exist any more. I am not sure it serves a purpose because the wine media is extremely active and filled with information on just about everything that wine bloggers offer. One is much better off reading the trade and the media than the wine blogs unless something extra has been offered and that I agree has always been lacking in typical wine blogs. Isn’t there anything extra besides general wine writing and tastings that wine bloggers could offer?

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.


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