Why Should We Care for the Cheapskate Regulars? (Reflection 14)


The economy has been poor for over a year and will probably continue as such for the future. One of the areas that has often been neglected by restaurants and similar venues is the regular customers. Regular customers have different definitions depending on the business but overall they imply repeat guests who have choice seating, and dining habits. The notable thing about regular guests is they are not necessarily big spenders nor are they big tippers. They usually have a routine comfortable to them that keeps them returning. They hardly frequent the location for only reason. A good regular customer has several desirable things in mind when repeating business. A busy restaurant or one that has very busy peak times may find it easy to ignore the regular guests because new customers with possible higher spending potential are around. That is short term mindset which suits the restaurant staff who live from shift to shift. A long term mindset required for a successful restaurant demands close attention to the regular customers even during the busier times. The regular customers are not just basic customers with some revenue potential for the house. They are also the ones who help pay the bills for the restaurant. The better spending customers may or may not visit but the regulars will probably make a habit of returning. If they are taken care and remain happy, though they rank low on the average spending and tip scale, they automatically pay part of the expenses of the house regardless of all external changes such as economy. In other words, as long as you open the doors in the morning, you can bet part or all of your expenses for that day are already paid because the regulars will repeat their visits by habit expecting your consistent service.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.


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