Is San Francisco Food Writing Fit to Inform or Only Entertain? (reflection 13)


I was walking down a new street when I passed a cured beef store. I didn’t bother to check all the items but the store was quite interesting. Most Chinese grocery stores carry some cured items or at least have Chinese style sausages but this store had only varieties of cured beef items in the Chinese style of course. It occurred to me that cured items lost the popularity when refrigeration became common but are getting a strong reception because of the quality and taste. It is quite fashionable for food shops and establishments such as wine bars and restaurants to carry some form of cured meat products. I think this is more of a fad activity than genuine interest in the product. If something else becomes popular and brings in good sales, the majority of the hip San Francisco food venues will switch overnight and will have a hard time remembering how popular cured meat items were in their locations. The fad food items appear genuine thus popular but another reason is usually behind the popularity and success. I am still amused that I found this store in a side street of Chinatown only a few feet from the main Stockton street. It amazes me how many years I have been around the area and never noticed this store nor have read about it that I can remember. The food press does not do a wholesome job and is more of an entertainment vehicle than genuine information. I have to agree with those who blame all the faults on the type of readers our publications have. Everything would change overnight if the people who read the stuff would think and read differently.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.


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