Can a Wine Radically Change Taste by Change of Locations? (Reflection 15)


I read about tasting wine and inability to rate the wines consistently from tasting to tasting. I guess some will argue the limits of human palate and skill. Personally, I disagree on how often a skilled taster can mistake a red wine for white. The proper tasting depends on the nose and not the palate. A visual evaluation of the wine is not the only criterion in finding the varietals. The nose can do a great job without the aid of the sight. I have to point out another issue that most casual tasters or wine writers would not normally notice. You can grab two bottles of the same wine and open one on the beach and the other at top of a high-rise building within a short period of hours. There is a very good chance that the same wine will taste very different to you. The humidity, the temperature, the air pressure, and many other factors affect the taste of the wine. The same bottle can taste dramatically different by changing locations. The same bottle can be misidentified or mis-ranked by changing locations. Some bottles of wine, such as Burgundy reds, will break down quickly after contact with oxygen. The wine will have one personality upon pulling the cork and behave as an immensely changed wine after a matter of hours. Blind tasting is a must for proper evaluation and rating of the product but is not free of flaws and limitations.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.


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