When was the Last Time Your Restaurant or Wine Bar Appeared on Youtube? (short piece 5)


I was doing work online today and received some emails sporadically. I got an email from a friend, who maybe in Italy or NY, but was probably drunk from the tone of his email. I emailed him back and forth. As I was following that line of conversation, I did a search online and found something interesting in Youtube. The place that we used to work had an informacial video clip made and was posted in Youtube. I watched the five minute video and thought it was funny but good.

The idea to make behind-the-scene video clips is nothing new but not many restaurateurs are taking advantage of all the opportunities. Youtube can display hundreds of videoclips for a user at no cost. These clips can be about any subject. Many food and hospitality establishments can benefit from such a basic account and uploading the videos is extremely easy. The business should incur little expenses by making regular (weekly or monthly) behind-the-scene videos and posting them. The only thing that takes a few minutes of time and may need a little skill is the editing and postproduction. All in all, this marketing process can free of charges but full of benefits to the establishments.

Some locations may have regular events that work better than behind the scene. For example, a wine bar or restaurant that does regular tasting with winemakers or the like can shoot casual clips and edit them together later to be put online. If proper tag words are used, the clips can be founds by thousands of people who search Youtube or Google for food, restaurant, wine and similar subjects. Each person who watches a video becomes exposed to this restaurant, shop or whatever. If this person is local, a good chance exists the place will be visited sooner if not later by this person.

A dedicated restaurant or wine bar can go beyond the basic event or behind-the-scene video clip. A simple video of the chef preparing a recipe or teaching on wine, cheese and similar items will get huge coverage. I think basic online video clips that are edited to be viewable in a short time will provide tremendous opportunities for marketing at almost no cost. The important element is to make them regularly and post them to keep feeding the apetites of the Youtube viewers. People would love to see a weekly clip by their favorite chef and learn a recipe or how to taste and match a wine the restaurant carries.

Statistics show an average American used to watch 6 hours of television daily. That has changed for several years and an average American instead watches 3 to 4 hours of online videos (Youtube mentioned as a top choice). The majority of the very successful clips are one minute or shorter and a very good clip should be 3 to 5 minutes long. That is ample time to entertain and educate many while receiving constant marketing exposure for the chef and the establishment. It also pays to teach stuff in the videos. If the video clips teach about items on your wine list or beer list or food menu, the chances are good a percentage of local viewers will visit to try the items. The only catch is the staff have to be as or more knowledgeable as the visitors about those items or you will look like a bunch of fools. Broadcasting quality claims about your products requires backing them by your own commitment and knowledge. That includes all of your staff who may come in contact with your guests.

I think the easiest way to go about this is by searching on Youtube and finding a few clips on how to make your own short video to post on Youtube. Another good search would be how to promote your business on Youtube. I am sure many free and good video clips exist that will teach you enough to be able to make your own mix of professional and amateur homemade short videos to post. I don’t think the quality of the videos has to be the absolute best. The important factor is making short videos regularly (preferably weekly) and posting them with as many relevant tag words as possible.

The Youtube account should be named after the restaurant or the chef whomever can get more public notice. Each clip should have the contact information of your location in case the video is forwarded to another person who won’t see your Youtube account. This no-cost or low-cost marketing approach should help bring some good and solid business to your establishment while exposing you to media. I am sure it will do you more good than a twitter account will ever do. Give it a try and check your competition regularly on Youtube also.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.

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