When Will Your Local Bank Start Selling Beer and Wine to Go? (Reflection #8)


Who is not selling alcohol these days? Walgreens are supposed to sell alcohol at all branches. Starbucks wants to sell alcohol at some branches. Today, I read 7eleven also will be selling alcohol. I wonder who is not selling alcohol these days. I noticed around the turn of the year when food prices at many restaurants and like locations started to go up. That is a usual trend every year but since the economy has turned sour the climb should have been more modest. I am assuming the prices went up the maximum percentage to make up for the maximum revenue losses. The same thing happened to the price of some beers and wines. Wine is out of luck in America because it is a fad drink or food for alcoholics. They seek extremely cheap wine as a vehicle for the alcohol while the rest of America drinks wine on occasion. Beer is food to Americans and a climb in price was economically sound for the businesses and noticeable by the consumers. I assume more and more people will turn to buy alcohol to take home rather than consume on premises and PAY THE PRICE. That is a pun and is intended. Who else is not selling alcohol to go? Anyone who has many braches is going that way to make up for revenue losses and also to build a new niche. The money activity will obviously be in the take-home alcohol department and why not join them. Is there anybody left who has not joined? How about the mom and pop coffeeshops. Some do carry basic beer and wine and call themselves cafes. Will all of them go beer and wine crazy soon? How about the banks? I have Starbucks in some bank lobbies. Will the banks sell alcohol soon? Will that surprise anyone?

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.


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