What Else is the American Consumer Doing to Save Besides Shopping to Drink at Home? (Reflection #10)


The economic downturn has had a lasting effect on how Americans consume alcohol and may hint at what the future holds. A recent study shows the number of overall beverage retailers has declined by 3000, since September 2008, but the number of off-premises beer and wine sellers has increased 2600 and 3000 respectively. What could be behind this trend? One obvious reason is economy. Beer and wine cost a great deal more sold at establishments but can be consumed for much less if bought at a retailer and taken home. This has always been an option but since consumers are more cautious, it also shows a strong preference. What else could be going on that may have long term effect? The economy is not expected to recover though seems healthier. Some attribute the mild recovery to the fact that the public have got used to the weak economy and also the lack of more bad economic news. But does this mean the good economy has returned? The answer I have read is the economy is still what it has been for the past year. Wine business has not been for a year but beer always does well because it is the choice American beverage. Americans drink beer. Wine is a luxury and not a beverage. The bad economy obviously changes the attitude of the consumers but a product with genuine customers, such as beer, as survive the hard times well. What else is the American consumer doing because of the poor economy that may affect the industries in the near and far future? Shopping to drink at home is one. What else?

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.


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