Watch Out for the Food Racists. (short piece 4)


I read a short blog post about an incident involving ‘food racism.’ I thought I had finally figured out what food porn was and now I heard a new term. I never have the interest to look these new catchy terms up and they stick around until I figure them out and then are forgotten.

I remember when I took my first writing course in college, the instructor, who was a professional piano player by night and a college professor by day, gave an unrequested definition for pornography. Pornography means ‘excessive realism.’ If somebody puts a video camera in a dentist’s office to record a dental surgery, as happens inside the mouth, that qualifies as pornography. The details are just too real. Human mind cannot handle reality as we are told by psychologists. The response is it makes up its own reality by filters and blocks out THE reality so we live in a more liveable universe. The mind can do this well. Have you ever wondered how people can sleep at night living right next to a railroad track which is active at all hours? The mind just blocks the noise out and they sleep through it. The reality does not count.

The incorporation of pornographic rhetoric into our universe violates the norms of a sane life. The first effect is shock and some people block things out and forget while others never recover. Is that what happens with food porn? Are the food photographs too realistic to be shocking for a living person to view them and suffer psychological damage? I really don’t care to know.

Food racism is interesting however. I read that blog post and completely blocked out everything it said except for the word ‘apology.’ That was an interesting psychological experiment done without my consent. My mind is either tired of hearing racist this and racist that and just blocks them out regardless or is too prejudiced and does not care for the definition or details and wants to manufacture its own definition. Considering what I just wrote about ‘food porn’ I have to worry the latter is true. However, I really do not think so. I still have no definition for ‘food racism’ and frankly do not care what the media says in its support. I am just fed up that things happen again.

The media has shelved social racism since the useless Obama entered the White House but the media will seek any avenue to create similarly contraversial ideas and make news. In other words, the media won’t cover social racism but will push food racism to the top of the news! Why not just cover regular racism? US has 400 million people living in it and probably a few million racist incidents take place daily. Why not give them coverage? What kind of media is this? Shouldn’t there be a system for what percentage of the real life stories actually gets reflected in the news or do the editors get to filter the reality and make a nice liveable America for all of us even if it only exists in our minds? I don’t think it matters what we think in response to my question. The media is still owned by the Republicans, who also no longer exist because we hear little of them in the news, and their bias controls the representation of the reality of our world. Is there really food racism and if it does exist, is it really that important to be the news? Is there really nothing important enough to cover as news that talking low of food items qualifies as major news?

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.

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