Do Processed Foods Make Us Depressed or Worse? (Reflection #9


I found this article interesting because it somehow makes sense. Research has shown that processed foods are linked to depression. It somehow rings right because whenever I eat processed foods, which are what most Americans eat on a regular basis, I feel like I have eaten nothing. I feel almost as if my stomach is notifying me that what I ate was not acceptable and is now gone and technically counts as not having eaten. That has puzzled me and still does mostly because I eat garbage rarely and when I do, my body is quick to recognize the difference. Processed foods as my body registers them are ’empty foods.’ They are stuff that I eat and taste like food but once digested do not feel like food. The regular food that I eat feels great. The eating part is followed by a digestion period after which I feel good as if something real was done inside my body. I don’t feel that way with processed foods. They sort of disappear after being eaten. I cannot say I feel depressed by feel puzzled by the experience of having eaten and not having eaten food. People who eat much processed foods lack in too many important nutrients that we know of and should lose something. Getting depressed is not that bad. Scientists do not know everything there is about food. We only know some of what is in our food to point our finger on and recognize. Other stuff could be missing that science is not good at identifying thus making processed foods much worse. Who knows what else is happening besides whimpy stuff such as depression when we eat processed foods? I bet they are much worse.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.


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