Niacin Saves Food Critic’s Life (Reflection #6)


It is not everyday I read a blog post somewhere about the health hazards of eating out regularly as a food critic. But it does happen sometime. Research shows eating out is not necessarily unhealthy but also depends on where you eat: Regular consumption of fast food will result in cancer (and other illnesses) but research says people who eat out often, at bona fide restaurants, have shown almost no signs of long term illnesses. That opinion is supported by the lives of many people whom I know and have been eating at the same restaurants for 40 years and are overweight but healthy. I even know people who brag of having never cooked a meal and eaten out every night for years (and they can afford plenty of eating out of course) and they are healthy. The standards for restaurant food is quite high today but again depends on where you eat.

If you are a food critic or wine professional, you have to eat and drink out regularly and you should have a few questions about your health risks. For high cholesterol and the rest of them, one of the best long term preventions is a Niacin regimen. The public library should have a good book (Cholesterol control without diet! : the niacin solution / William B. Parsons, Jr.) that is readable on this exact topic. Niacin intake should top at about 3000 mg daily. Cholesterol is what people think first when Niacin is mentioned but it is also great for people in high exposure environments. Food critics have to eat and be around restaurants much and anyone serious about the wine business has similar job duties. Our environment has plenty of toxins, viruses and other agents that are introduced into the body by repeated and extended exposure. A high dosage of Niacin on a regular basis constantly flushes the system and eliminates these agents. Niacin also despises ‘clots in bloodstream’ and takes them out without hesitation so there shall be no heart attack or stroke. Niacin is the magic vitamin for active and overworked people. Time-released version is no good. It has to be the flush version and is great for the active out-eaters lifestyle. The Niacin regimen is hard to implement so read up, ask your doctor or you will get sick. My doctor claims the best benefits kick in after one year of daily usage of about 3000 mg (if you can handle the load).

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush


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