Get Slightly Famous (book review)(Second Reading)


Get Famous


I read Get Slightly Famous once last year and was very useful. I did learn a few things to apply and a good deal more was exposed to me for later. I have mastered what I had picked up then and the second reading helped me find new areas to work on. The book is really about personal branding though this phrase is hardly used. Getting slightly famous means one learns to become known as a professional to the people in one’s niche. If a person can demonstrate expertise and capabilities beyond the average professional, that person will be sought after and will succeed more. The key element is to target the specific market niche that this professional offers services for. The person can be very well known within this small or medium size niche and be a total unknown outside of this niche. That is what ‘slightly’ means. Becoming famous outside of the niche does not directly help a professional but being recognized within the field does. The obvious fact is the person has to be far above the average or hardly anything exists to be recognized. If one is great at one’s profession, a good chance exists the directions of this book will make the person well-known for the specific purposes of success within one’s niche. Personal branding is explained and is required. Media and self-promotion also take a good part of the book. The text is ‘slightly’ dated but applies perfectly today and should be a must read for some.


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