Will Exotic Coffee Drinks Substitute as Meals? (Reflection 5)

Coffeeshops are doing well in England. UK data shows 47% growth this year in spite of the poor economy. Will the trend continue? I believe it will because of the nature of a coffeehouse experience. Coffeehouses have always been the ideal casual social spot historically and are finding their place in the modern world. Coffeeshops are casual but as social as any other food and beverage venue. The abundance of locations and the very low cost means people make habits of frequenting many shops for the daily experience. They are not however a great vehicle for making great money yet. San Francisco is a world center for fashion coffee and exotic coffees continue to thrive. A coffee professional told me the trend has much to do with the industry. The large importers stand to earn huge amounts of money by the coffee fad. As the higher end coffees are becoming commonplace, the average price of coffee continues to rise. The perception of coffee as a gourmet product and worthy of the cost of a meal will drive the high end coffee prices up. The higher limit price drags the average indicators up resulting in higher prices for the common coffees. Is there a solution? I checked coffee prices online once and the price was a fraction of the San Francisco retail stores. People will find alternatives and not every coffeemonger a profiteer. Coffee should continue in popularity and the high calories and the high prices of milk-based coffee drinks will eventually make expensive coffee drinks too expensive. Fashion, however, dictates carrying the expensive cups around and the result is the high calorie coffee drinks have to substitute as a meal option. Is that very smart? And I was told Northern California is the realm of intellectuals??

*This post is from this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush


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