Why Should Professionals Write Short Ebooks Occasionally? (Reflection #3)

Blogs are common communication tools today and millions of people write blog posts daily. Most professionals can benefit from owning a blog to demonstrate knowledge and skill. However, long term writing for a blog can be a difficult project making easier options attractive. An occasional ebook can achieve the same objective as many blog posts. A long blog post or many blog posts can be converted into a small ebook. An ebook communicates effectively and can be saved on a computer permanently by the reader. Ebook is not necessarily a typical book (about 50000 words) and can be a booklet or even pamphlet. The professional information can aim to inform or persuade anda mere 4000 words fills 25 pages. Anyone who is accustomed to using a common word processing software should be able to finish a small ebook in 15 hours. One should already have a topic for the ebook or use any category of one’s blog as a topic. The basics of writing apply here: Outline the writing, avoid distractions, add graphics, add quotes, add examples, rewrite the draft, format the text, and the last step is convert to PDF. The table of contents and appendix can be added before the final PDF. The ebook can be published on one’s blog or uploaded to a free ebook website. Social media does serve a genuine purpose by promoting your ebook. A professional can increase visibility and credibility by sharing knowledge and skill published in the ebook.

*This post is from this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush


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