Does Color White Make You Mindlessly Hungry? (Reflection 4)

Colors have a good deal to do with what we feel or think. I was a communication major once and found the topic interesting. Red is obviously not a good color for office walls though many Chinese restaurants have red furniture. Orange and yellow make a person hungry. They are known as McDonald’s colors or German flag colors. Purple makes one relax thus a purple net on one’s face when sleeping works well. Blue and green are my favorites. They are peace and relaxation as in a country club or golf course or the beach. Does color affect perception of food? Absolutely. Too much of the appeal of a dish is derived from its color and decor. An off color implies something is wrong with the food item or dish. I read blue suppresses appetite and white encourages mindless eating. They are both new to me. I don’t see white used much in restaurants. The obvious reason is color white is hard to maintain in a high traffic public place and if not how can one create a large white space in a restaurant dining room? The only place I have seen plenty of white is museums. In showrooms, huge spaces can be white on every side but I don’t recall having much appetite or maybe I should test myself again.

*This post is from this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush


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