Half Soda Cans (Reflection #2)


The smaller can idea should be a very practical way to keep soda customers loyal. I sometimes drink only half a can of soda and feel forced to finish it. On other occasions, I feel two cans are needed because of the type of food. Sometimes I need two cans of orange soda with a large burrito. Large cans of Iced Tea are very popular but that is another story.

Soft drinks have been losing their appeals because of the steady push for healthy diets. Inspite of the dieting trend, once in a while, a person may want to drink a can soda with or without food. The experience of drinking the soda can be appreciated in a small can with less health issues to worry about. The regular cans will stay around obviously and a larger can may someday also find its appeal with some people. I think the key thing will be the pricing. The mini and regular should be about the same price. This way the people who drink a regular size can are happy and the people who have a reason to opt for the mini-cans can choose them but Coca Cola won’t lose money. This way the soda companies are motivated to keep the mini size available and not eliminate them in favor of the regular size. What they want is more the more important issue, isn’t it?


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