Edition Eighteen 25 to 31 October 2009 (Wine by Cush)

Edition 18 has only two posts but has come a long way. I have developed many approaches to preparing and presenting the content for this blog and have established some good steps. The “Reflection” is a better way of doing a post that a magazine article with comments. The comments were too casual though linked to the actual article. They also took a long time to put together and present. Reflection is a comment about an article, blog post or something else relevant to the mission of this blog. A stand-alone post has a more wholesome thought and takes less time to prepare. I am sure most of the magazine articles will be replaced by reflections for obvious reasons. I had to defend the new Coke mini-can and question the idea of decanting Champagne if not for the sake of the new Riedel hand-blown decanters but for the sake of the wine. This blog will have more thought posts starting today.


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