Re: Russia targets beer to fight alcoholism, debt


I thought this article was about making Russians drink more beer and stay away from Vodka but it was not. Alcohol is a great source of revenue and stays around everywhere generation after generation. Small amounts are good for health and the rest is history. I know Vodka is a problem in Russia and beer probably is another area. Some cultures prefer a type of alcoholic drink. US is a beer nation. Europe drinks wine and so on. A switch to a beverage that is not culturally recognized can help reduce consumption if the original beverage can be controlled. Russians drink vodka as part of their culture and not as a source of pure alcohol. If vodka becomes scarce, expensive or hard-to-get, another beverage will take the place for some drinkers. It will be very hard to drink 18 liters of alcohol by consuming beer. I don’t know if it will work for the Russian problem but taxes help sell specific products.


FRANKFURT – Vodka may be the drink of choice for most Russians, but Moscow is focusing on beer in its attempt to clamp down on rampant alcoholism, a major cause of the country’s social ills.

A draft bill under consideration in the Russian parliament proposes a dramatic increase in taxes on beer, provoking an outcry from the mostly foreign-owned brewing industry whose profits are bound to be hurt by the measures.

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