Edition Fifteen 4 to 10 October 2009 (Wine by Cush)


Edition Fifteen has only three posts but is moving along fine. I have two more parts of my five part essay posted last edition and feel confident I have communicated what I could in the four pieces. The conclusion will arrive next week. The five part essay is critical thinking and written to engage other critical thinking minds. The essays maybe about hospitality, food and beverage industries but are really about life in America. In other words, you may read about these topics but the essays are not really about them. An indepth study of a substantial aspect of a subject can help view significant elements that are not expected there and are important in many other areas but cannot necessarily be seen. A close study of a few things in this industry can reveal what is taking place in other industries and fields that are not necessarily traceable. In short, I will probably put the five essays together and break them down into short chapters with some additional writing to clarify and throw the whole thing on the Internet as an ebook. The information in the essays can be useful to individuals within the field of hospitality, food and beverage if explained in simpler terms. The two sets of writings will have different objectives because of two sets of audiences. That will be one or two months down the road but I think is fair since many besides the intended readers of the five essays will read them and become very confused. The ebook should be easier to read for more people but once again is not training materials. It is only information for your thoughts.


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