Edition Fourteen 27 September to 3 October 2009 (Wine by Cush)


Edition 14 has a few articles with my comments and the first two parts of my essay on standards. The standards essay had a tendency to become long so I broke it to five pieces. They still are long. A 2000 word blog post scrolls down forever. That is about as succint as I could get. The essays are hard to read because the topic is a hybird of hospitality and other fields. Most hospitality writing seem as forced writing. They are not worth reading. The better writing examples are culinary or from magazines. Those writings have a different readership than hospitality professionals. This essay gravitates toward hospitality readers in focus and mixture of social sciences makes it unusual to read. I did my best by splitting into pieces and posting one each week. That is my ethical obligation to the readers and ends there. The essays are meant to be disturbing. They make much more sense later on. The level of ambigiutiy drops from essay 1 to essay 5. Essay four is the last of the arguments and is much more readable than essay one and basically some hope exists there.

Chilling red wine is a very important topic or bugged me and I included it. Hosts in San Francisco don’t have a standard system for better service for tips, as they do in Las Vegas, etc. Health benefits topic will not go away. San Francisco passes unfairest regulations sometimes and this is the business lobbies retaliation. Hold the benefits hostage and make the staff cry to fight the City Hall. The problem is San Francisco has a San Francisco style City Hall. Beer is doing better and better in all culinary areas. Airlines are getting better in food, etc. My essays took most of my time, though written a week earlier, and I am glad. A good possibility exists America will return to All American lifestyle. McDonald’s and other chain restaurants will be king again. My essays had to be written.


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