Re: What Can I Get You Folks? — Bribery at the Host Stand


Door is one of the most important positions in the house. It is perceived as a quick stop-point for the guests. That is an American invention based on how much people are paid and what is the MINIMUM each person can do to be hired. Maitre’d, who is the boss of the dining room, has to be skilled enough in every station of the house to run the dining room AKA front of the house. Positioning of a naive, and inexperienced person only does major damage in the long run. That is part why average American restaurants are so economy-dependent. They are treated as place to fill and empty. I am tired of this topic.


Many of you honestly believe restaurant servers have a cushy job that requires them to do little more than deliver food to a table and collect $180 an hour for their trouble. Fine. I’d like to call a temporary truce in the great “Are waitresses worth their keep?” debate and focus on another front-of-the-house staffer this week: The hostess.


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