Re: Advances in Airport Food, Airline Wine, and Airplane Cuisine

Serious food on airplanes? This is a big trend arriving and may not be about good food but about watching for every dollar. The corporations know the easy times have left and might not be back for a long while, if ever. The new trend is to be “careful” and try not to lose any sales. The movement to find new sources of revenue are part of the trend not to lose the sales. The new areas are lost to the competition if not explored and entered. Any area that is likely to bring money in will be seriously worked out now and in the future. It is like the 80s and the tight money. When interest rates are low, the banks “sell” money cheap by low interest rates on loans. When the opposte happens, and less money is available because interests are high, the banks become selective in who may “buy” money. That is tight money and strict credit. American business is alive but has been having less of its usual attitude since last year’s downturn. American business is listening and watching carefully. The money available to go around is not abundant. Everyone is tight and careful and their shares are also. They can always go back to “practical” monopolization if the public lets them. That will make them the only available source and prices can be high. Then, the big business attitude can return.


from Editor’s Blog by James Oliver Cury
The jokes about awful airline food (rubber chicken, a farcical bag of peanuts, or simply nothing at all) may soon be a thing of the past.


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