Edition Thirteen 20 to 26 September 2009 (Wine by Cush)


Edition Thirteen moved on as editions before but expanded also. I included the same content types as before and expect to add tasting and event notes in the future. As I was writing critical essays for my writing blog, I found topics of interest related to wine also. That proved to be a time-consuming departure from the normal content but rewarding one. This edition has an essay on mobile food cart and beer certfications. Randall Graham was in town and reminded me of his famous back label for Le Cigar Volant. I couldn’t find the backlabel online nor on his web site. I did include a cool video clip about his Le Cigar flying. I somehow thought maybe Graham could be an alien himself. His outpost is way out in the woods where no humans go often. He could be visited by any kind of creature or be an alien himself. How would anybody know except for his eccentricities? I really don’t know. I am supposed to read non-English wine blogs and though my Italian and French are pathetic, I yet do search. An Italian wine blog I subscribe to had nice supermarket type wine bottles with pictures of Hitler and so on. I don’t think they are zealous. I think they will do anything to sell a bottle. Are world records so important to make a 185 point burger? I give up. Cured pork is becoming a favorite subject of mine and Mexico is my favorite country for a large project of turning a whole large country into a giant dairy making artisan cheeses and cured meat products. I think the project is very beneficial to all of us in North America. New Zagat is out. I used to love reading Zagat reviews and telling people how much I agreed with the quoted comments versus my own experiences of visiting places. I am writing a critical essay which is too large and had to break it into five essays. One of the essays mentions of Zagat as a pack of lies. That is my opinion today. Michael Bauer continues his weekly nagging in his blog. He went to an amateur cooking contest (sponsored by an impartial huge corporation). I think his blog will set records for going off topic one day. This was not the day anyway. Rajat Parr has his wines to taste in San Francisco which is a good previledge. I continue to miss all tastings and honestly cannot blame myself. I barely pulled my blogs together and just when they were automated so I can do things, I started with the damn essays. Now, everyone is on my back to scrap everything except the essays. I won’t. Those contents will get better also but for now my essays take my time and brain power away.


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