Re: Judging the National Beef Cook-Off made me appreciate restaurant food


Looks like Michael Bauer went to a surprise food tasting. I learned something from wine tasting (only works at some tastings) that should work for food also. Find someone who likes to try all the wines an trail him or her. I just let them try every wine till a good one comes up and I try it. That saves trying 200 wines which some people look forward to anyway. Remember most of these wines are young and not ready to drink (not that they may have flaws and be terrible also). The same should work for food. My comment for his blog post comes at bottom.


I judge restaurant food every night, but rarely turn my tastebuds to the home cook. I got my chance earlier this week as one of the five judges for the 28th National Beef Cook-Off in Sonoma.

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cushsf9/25/2009 10:54:27 AM
Next time send an intern or junior staff in your place as a SPECIALIST to judge this kind of events.


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