RE: ZagatDay ’09: SF Edition Released; Danko Back on Top


Zagat San Francisco is out. Hurray. That is a good day. Zagat does a good job of packaging the stuff and they are fun to read. The scores are interesting also though every year they become more and more dubious. Zagat’s system has been compromised and they know it also. It is very possible to make a marketing campaign that helps score. Heck, they have always been helping restaurants do that with their rush to get reviews in. They still do a very good job and also run a good business which makes it okay to be compromised. They are not setting the absolute standards for restaurant guide review and the surprises are understandable. In the name of profitable business practices, they are forgiven. Zagat says a lot of good things about people and does it in the right way. That is the secret of practical success. The scoring system is not the strength of Zagat but the little commentaries which actually do say a lot. It is possible to manufacture those Zagat comments to make for a nice review. Zagats are a lot of fun to read. Enjoy.


The 2010 Bay Area edition of the annual Zagat Survey was released this morning, complete with the seemingly-arbitrary numbers that everyone has come to know and love. After getting the boot from the top spot last year for the first time in six years, Gary Danko reclaimed the Top Food Rating mantle from the French Laundry, though both restaurants (and Cyrus) garnered near-perfect scores of 29.

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