Re: Vino di Mussolini e Hitler a 6,95 euro in un centro commerciale GS (Carrefour)


Read the post if you can. I never followed up with neither French nor Italian lessons but had enough to dare to want to learn to read badly (someday). For now, only a few blog posts get my attention. I think the picture tells the story. I saw a videogame once that was German airforce fighting with allies from the German side. The box said ‘Not for sale in European Union.” I wonder where they make the stuff and where they sell them?


La foto parla chiaro: in un centro commerciale GS a Cuveglio in Lombardia, sugli scaffali ci sono pure queste bottiglie. Etichette che riportano il Duce Benito Mussolini e il Fuhrer Hitler. Una turista francese non ce l’ha fatta proprio a quella vista e ha tirato in ballo i giornali d’Oltralpe. La Carrefour perde colpi?

Read the post (if you can or care)


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